Sell Cryptocurrencies in Australia

Why choose Elbaite?

• Sellers have 0% fees

• Sell from your own wallet

• Only receive funds from Elbaite's Australian bank account

• Australian owned and operated

How it works

Create your account and sell in 3 simple steps.

Buyer selects your offer from marketplace

Elbaite collects AUD payment

You send the crypto directly to the buyers wallet

Elbaite releases AUD to your bank account

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Benefits of Selling Crypto with Elbaite


Selling crypto with Elbaite is simple and secure.
Wallet to Wallet trading requires no deposit or withdrawal processes.
You transfer the crypto directly to the buyer’s crypto wallet.

Elbaite handles all payment issues and disputes. Guaranteeing no payment issues for you.

Protection against chargeback fraud

You are not at risk of chargeback fraud with Wallet to Wallet trading.
This is due to our unique escrow trading model, where you receive your AUD to your bank account directly from Elbaite.

How we protect our sellers:

We ensure all buyers are verified and pass all AML/CTF regulations.
The buyer sends the AUD to our Elbaite escrow bank account.
We hold the AUD while you transfer the crypto to the buyer's crypto wallet.
Once the transfer is verified the AUD is released to you.


Your personal and banking details are never shared with the buyer. When you sell crypto with Elbaite, you receive AUD from Elbaite's Australian Bank account.
This also removes the need for you to track deposits from multiple buyers' accounts.

Sell for free with Elbaite

At Elbaite we don't charge our sellers! You can liquidate your crypto to AUD with zero fees.